Onpassive FAQ’s (The Most Frequently Asked Questions)

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ONPASSIVE FAQ’s. Find out what are the most commonly asked ONPASSIVE questions and their relevant answers.

Our ONPASSIVE FAQ’s will be constantly updated, so be sure to check back in. We have tried to arrange the questions into the most relevant sections for convenience. Use the Quicklinks to go the section you want.

Note: There are some questions that people ask that aren’t easily answered. When we join the Ecosystem, we sign a Non disclosure agreement(NDA) around proprietary information of the company. This limits what we can share publicly. Therefore, the solution if you want answers, is to join for free and find out for yourself.

ONPASSIVE FAQ’s – General Questions

ONPASSIVE Ecosystem Introduction (Digital Solutions Platform) Features

How To Earn Online With ONPASSIVE

The ONPASSIVE products

Soon, ONPASSIVE will start selling more than 50+ digital products that they have developed (some are FREE). They will progressively roll these out over the coming months while continuing to build new ones. All of these products are in high demand, and are in multi billion dollar niches.

Customers already pay large amounts monthly for similar tools they must have to operate efficiently online. So for that reason we know the market is there to tap into if you have better products.

Why customers will choose ONPASSIVE products

ONPASSIVE tools and products will be superior in ease of use, feature rich and also they’ll be much cheaper. Subsequently, this will immediately cause a lot of interest and curiosity.

Over Market Value Products

All ONPASSIVE products will reach the Over Market Value (OMV) status before being released. This status or term  means better in every way so as to dominate the market.

Despite many other companies claiming to offer a lot, ONPASSIVE delivers more value by far than anyone. In contrast, no other company is even close.

Building the brand with massive marketing

Now, during the launch, there are massive marketing campaigns that will be underway. For example in the Dubai events seen recently and on the Burj Khalifa. Also, in the world cup, the audience saw ONPASSIVE everywhere as a partner with Bein Sports.

These campaigns introduce the world to ONPASSIVE, the products and all it has to offer. Primarily these all build up the brand. Everyone will soon know of ONPASSIVE and will have a reason to use their products.

ONPASSIVE will go viral

During the early global launch period, many more marketing campaigns will launch simultaneously. Once some campaigns complete, others will start. This will be continuous, will increase brand awareness and drive massive product sales. After seeing the marketing genius of CEO Ash Mufareh on the Burj Khalifa, we are keen to see more!

Earn Online With ONPASSIVE

Furthermore, this marketing will be a compounding process and of course ONPASSIVE will go viral. Most importantly, those who choose to get in early will be in a great position to benefit from the expected tidal wave of interest. As many join and see the great value in the products, sales will be made and commissions will be generated for those who choose to be resellers.

It’s a done deal

There are around 1.4 million founders already. The ONPASSIVE A.I. will build a daily funnel and send traffic to it for all of them. Think about what that will do in the search engines.

ONPASSIVE will be at the top of search results very quickly specifically from all of that activity. They will dominate for many keywords around their products. Therefore we can see the potential for enormous growth in the sales that are made. This will benefit ALL future customers and resellers too! This is all by design, make no mistake. 

We have arrived

It has been nearly five years for the company to get to this point. Naturally for some people, that seems like a long time. But when you understand what has been built, you can’t help but be excited. That’s why ‘it is a done deal’. You will be at a place where you won’t have to worry about your financial future. “If you are in, you will win’ as us Onpassivians (ONPASSIVE members) say. 

In conclusion

Finally, we know what is coming and how it will shake up the world. ONPASSIVE is already breaking many records with what it is doing. They now own two floors of the Burj Khalifa. The 151st floor is the highest office in the world! This is showing everyone where ONPASSIVE is starting from which is ‘The Top’.

They are a multi unicorn company before launch (valued at 5.5 billion dollars). The company is often described as A.I. with heart because it is built for the people. ONPASSIVE will enable so many of us to do a lot more to help others in need around the world. There is just so much here to learn about and like. I hope you decide to join us in this journey as we are part of making history.


Is there a monthly fee with Onpassive?



You can join the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem for free! You get instant access to O-Mail, O-Net and O-Trim. These three top quality products are free for you to use for life.

Paid Product Subscriptions

Inside the Ecosystem, you’ll see paid products like O-Connect, for example. You can try it out for a trial period. If you like it or want to earn commissions, you can pay for a subscription package.

Each product package in ONPASSIVE is unique with its own conditions. What features you have and the length of subscription can vary. They could be for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or even annually. The thing youll find with ONPASSIVE though is they will always give you value.

No Monthly Fees

So, technically there are no monthly fees. Only billing cycles for products you are subscribed to. You could subscribe to use them or you could subscribe so you can get commissions from the AI. You don’t even have to use the product to ‘earn commissions’ from it.

It’s entirely up to you whether you pay for anything. It is perfectly fine to come in for free and look around to see how it all works. There is no oligation whatsoever.


What is Onpassive?

ONPASSIVE AI Driven IT Company

ONPASSIVE is a high tech information technology (IT) and artificial intelligence (AI) driven company. Their primary goal is to make a super simple easy to use Total Online Business Solution.

This would be suitable for absolutely anyone to use and earn online income from. It doesn’t matter what their level of online expertise is or how big they are. Big, medium, small or individual owner businesses are catered for. It’s even a perfect solution for digital nomads.

ONPASSIVE Digital Solutions (Products And Services)

ONPASSIVE has approxiamately 50 proprietary digital products (both tools and services) developed over the last 5 years. These will really shake up the online market. They will have so much value to offer, all in one place and for the best pricing on the internet.

ONPASSIVE will be a market disrupter and will make many people sit up and take notice. People will quickly realize they can have many opportunities with ONPASSIVE.

 The Ecosystem (OES)

All of these tools and services form the foundation of the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem (OES). Everything has been built around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This is so everything can be automated and any heavy ‘work’ is done by AI.

You can come into ONPASSIVE and just use these products. Some of them like O-Mail, O-Net and O-Trim are completely free to use forever!

You can also choose to become an affiliate and let the AI go to work for you and makes sales on your behalf.

For more on this, you can check out this post – How ONPASSIVE Works To Build Wealth For You (With AI).


Is ONPASSIVE an AI company?

ONPASSIVE AI, Machine Learning And Automation

ONPASSIVE specializes in AI technology and has integrated it into all of its product lines and the Ecosystem.
OP are committed to enabling businesses, big or small, to benefit from the power of AI and automation.



You register an account with ONPASSIVE for free and enter the Ecosystem (OES). You will have access to O-Mail, O-Net and O-Trim as a free user.

This will allow you to look around the platform, get a feel for it and enjoy quality digital products.

You will also see other paid subscription options available in the marketplace. These will be by design superior to anything else on the market. Better features, user friendly and of course better priced.

You do not have to pay for anything, it is optional and you are under no obligation to stay as a free user of the OES.

Do I need to refer others to earn online with Onpassive?

Do I need To Refer Others?

No, it’s not necessary. Referring others is entirely optional. Some people are good at it, others aren’t. But it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things as you’ll understand.

However, you may wish to share this with those you care about. Just like you may choose to tell friends about a great movie you watched for example. It’s natural to want to share good experiences with those who are close.

A Fully Automated AI Driven Platform

ONPASSIVE (OP) is a fully automated Information Technology platform driven by AI (artificial intelligence). They will run constant marketing campaigns showcasing the tools and services as well as the benefits of joining. One benefit for many people for example, could be the monthly cost savings you’ll receive by using OP.

As people join OP or use the services, they will be placed in our pay structure. As time goes on, our earning potential will increase.

The AI Doesn’t Sleep

Meanwhile, we get to use and enjoy the best quality and best value products, all in one convenient place. The AI will still be working for you, 24/7 building your business, whether you choose to share or not.

Some people who can refer others choose to actively refer others as it cuts time frames down. What this means is it will take less time for you to earn more as your team will be growing faster. But the bottom line is it’s entirely optional whether to share or not.


Do I have to refer others in Onpassive?

Do I have to recruit people in Onpassive?

When will Onpassive launch?

ONPASSIVE Has Launched Already

ONPASSIVE has launched already. You are able to join for free by registering an O-Mail account. This will get you access to the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem.

You’ll get instant access to O-Mail, O-Net and O-Trim. These three top quality products are free for you to use for life.

See How It Works

Come in and look around. See how everything works and learn how this platform and its tools can benefit you.

You can also check out the top quality paid products and see if you like any of them. ONPASSIVE’s feature rich products are very affordable compared to anything else on the market.

You can earn commissions inside by becoming an affiliate. The AI does all the heavy lifting for you! Check out this post if you want to learn more.

How ONPASSIVE Works To Build Wealth For You (With AI)


When is Onpassive Going to launch?

When is Onpassive launching?

ONPASSIVE FAQ’s – Ecosystem (OES) Questions

ONPASSIVE Ecosystem Introduction (Digital Solutions Platform) Features

Can I access all ONPASSIVE products from OES Dashboard?

Access All ONPASSIVE Products From The Dashboard

Yes. We can access all the recently launched ONPASSIVE products on the ecosystem dashboard. It is currently January 2024, and many new products are being added in now. Some are free, some are paid with free trial periods.

How do I access the products on the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem?

Access The ONPASSIVE Products

You can access to the launched products by signing up into ONPASSIVE Ecosystem. Once you log into the OES, you will see the icons and names of available products on the left hand side.

How do I sign up for the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem?

How To Join The ONPASSIVE Ecosystem (OES)

You signup to ONPASSIVE Ecosystem by clicking on the referral link (given to you by a friend or family member).

If you dont have one, you can go HERE. Sign up by completing the required information. Your first name, last name, and your_username@omail.ai (create your username and password). Then you can sign in with the valid credentials.

You will arrive at the inbox of O-Mail which is inside the OES. It is the gateway into the system.


How Do I Join The ONPASSIVE Ecosystem?

How Can I Join The ONPASSIVE Ecosystem?

Can We Access The ONPASSIVE Ecosystem From Any Device?

Yes. The ONPASSIVE Ecosystem was designed to be accessed using any device.

What is ONPASSIVE Ecosystem all about?


The ONPASSIVE Ecosystem (OES) is a multi-platform hub with a single sign-in. Multiple tools and services are being rolled out into it right now. Each one of them is a seperate business in its on right. All of these have been carefully and thoughtfuly put together to allow users to grow their business.

You can use this total solution to enhance you existing business or you could build a complete new one here! All of the tools and services are in very high demand niches and you can become a reseller to earn online with ONAPSSIVE. As a reseller, the AI will go to work for you and make product sales and you can earn commissions.

All of the OP products are superior in quality and features as well as being the most affordable in the market. So, the Ecosystem is very important in bring all of this together in one convenient place for the user.

ONPASSIVE Products Questions

ONPASSIVE Ecosystem Introduction (Digital Solutions Platform) Features

What is O-Mail?

What Is O-Mail?

O-Mail is a personal and business email platform. It uses artificial intelligence technology to enhance each user’s experience.

Top features that set it apart include limitless storage and the integration of online and offline calendars. It has folder lock for security and speech to text and text to speech capabilities. You are also able to send video mail to other users of the O-Mail platform. These time saving features are very beneficial for busy individuals.

Gateway To The ONPASSIVE Ecosystem

O-Mail is also the gateway into the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem. You need to register with an O-Mail account and use your credentials to get access.

O-Mail is one of the three free products of ONPASIVE you get when you join. The other two are O-Net (social) and O-Trim (link shortener).

For a quick overview on O-Mail, you can learn more here.



What Is The O-Mail Platform?

Is O-Mail Free To Join?

Is O-Mail Free?

Is O-Mail Free?

Yes, it is free to join O-Mail and it has unlimited storage space.

O-Mail includes top features that make it standout. Features like the integration of online and offline calendars, folder lock for security and speech to text and text to speech capabilities. You can even send video mail to other users on the O-Mail platform.

These time savers are sure to be popular for busy users.

Check it out more with this quick overview on O-Mail.


What Is The O-Mail Platform?

Is O-Mail Free To Join?

What is O-Net?

What Is O-Net?

O-Net is a disruptive social network with unique and innovative features. You’ll connect with people in a more meaningful way. REAL people! No bots or people pretending to be someone else.

Everyone in ONPASSIVE will be verified. There will be no funny business like we unfortunately see in many existing platforms today. Your data will always be safe here too, as you are NOT the product.

O-Net is one of the three free products of ONPASSIVE that you get access to when you join.

 You can learn more here.



What is O-Connect?

O-Connect HD Audio And Video Conferencing Platform

O-Connect is an HD audio and video conferencing tool developed by ONPASSIVE.

It was purposely designed to offer the best clarity and overall user experience. It has a wide range of innovative features. Regardless, it will be one of (if not) the most affordable video conferencing platforms on the market.

Feature list:
User-Friendly Interface: O-Connect users control multiple features on one central dashboard.
High Definition: The tool ensures high-definition audio and video quality for each virtual connection.
Dual-Screen Sharing: Users can share two screens during conferences.
Automatic Language Translation: O-Connect supports automatic voice and text services in various languages, eliminating language barriers.
Real-Time Collaboration: Participants can collaborate effectively in real time.
Speech-to-Text Conversion: The tool reliably converts speech to text via an application programming interface (API).
Chat Emojis: O-Connect includes their own unique chat emojis for expressive communication.
On-Demand Viewing: Users can upload and view content on demand.
Integration with YouTube: O-Connect allows direct linking to YouTube videos.
Noise Cancelling: Ensures clear audio quality without interference.
External Links: Simple Integration of external URLs.

You can learn more here :



What is O-Trim?

What Is O-Trim?

O-Trim is a URL link shortening tool that converts long URLs into short URLs. Users can create customized and personalized short links that increase brand awareness.

O-Trim also includes tracking and link-click analytics. It is one of the three free products of ONPASSIVE that you get access to when you join. You can learn more about it here.




What is O-Tracker?

What Is O-Tracker?

OTRACKER is a comprehensive web (website) and product analytics platform. It’s able to provide website and webpage owners with detailed analytics in various forms in reports or internal dashboards.

It helps gauge user behavior in a graphical, easy to understand way. Yu can see how users interact with a website.



How To Get Started In ONPASSIVE

How to get started in ONPASSIVE

NOTE: The information presented here is in no way intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead it is designed to give you an idea of what is possible. Success with ONPASSIVE can require your focus, hard work, commitment, leadership and perserverance. Earning in any online endeavour can vary depending on each individual’s effort and also many other factors.