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How to make money online with Onpassive?

A common question the team leaders are asked is ‘how to make money online with Onpassive?’. To answer this, first you need to understand a little about who Onpassive is and how massive they are. Massive not in terms of just company size but more in regards to what products they have and what kind of presence they will command online.

Onpassive is a fairly new Information Technology (I.T.) company that have over the course of the last two and a half years developed over 50 proprietary cutting edge tools and services.

They have extensively analyzed the online market and have produced virtually every online tool you could possibly need to use and put them all in one convenient place.

They’ve developed the best possible feature rich, intuitive and easy to use versions compared to anything currently available in their respective niches.

You won’t find any specific information on any of these tools or services yet as those details are kept under wraps for now until launch so as to create a huge surprise and interest in the market that they can take full advantage of. Current founder members regularly get exclusive sneak peeks of these finished tools in the private founders webinars available in the Gofounders backoffice.

Onpassive has also solved a few of the big problems many people face with trying to make money online.

Most people cannot sell, can’t refer others successfully, and most cannot build a network which will help them see results. This is why so few find success making money on the internet.

Onpassive uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate everything, the tools, the services the marketing campaigns, the signup process etc. They force you to be successful by taking all the sticking points out of the equation. Automation is their strong point.

A quick overview of what you can expect from the variety of tools and services Onpassive will offer: Autoresponders, Rotators, Capture & Landing Pages, Marketing Campaigns, Contact Managers, Calendar, Webinar Service, O-Pal chat service, Capture for video graphics and audio, Flexible wallets for all banking, crypto and transfer needs, bulk emailers, contact managers, crypto leveraging, daily funnels, social platforms, web hosting, your own domain and website creators,
search engine optimization (SEO), humanitarian funds and crowdfunding, print shop, private inbox and so much more.

All of these have been developed as a stand alone business and they will all have massive marketing campaigns start when Onpassive launches.

As customers come in, they can start a free trial for seven days on many of the available products and they will have limited access to see all of the value they could have access to if they decide to join.

They can just choose to be a customer and pay regularly for their particular service or they can join Onpassive and unlock ALL of the products for a one time cost!

When customers come into Onpassive and pay, they are time stamped and go under the existing member structure and we all get paid as our downline teams grow each month.

Now just think about this for a moment. All of this value in one place and you can get it for one affordable price if you decide to. Whats going to happen? This is going to catch on like wildfire and will see the uptake on the products go viral!

All of these products put together in one place so conveniently and cost effectively has never been done before. This is something truly remarkable.

There are a number of videos on out team Youtube channel ‘Onpassive Earning Online‘ where Onpassive Nation team leader Mike Ellis explains in excellent detail how this all works.

I would highly recommend you take a look at some of them. This is the quickest way to understand better how to make money online with Onpassive for the many years to come.


Make money online with Onpassive

Can I make money online with Onpassive?

Can I make money online as a Gofounder?

Can a person create multiple Gofounder accounts?

A person may wish to create multiple gofounder accounts for different reasons. Perhaps they wish to secure an account for family members of friends.

You are able to do this, no problem. These accounts be created using the same name and mobile number, but each account will be required to have a unique e-mail address.

Remember that each account will have to be activated during the soft launch period. As part of the process, you will have to pay a once out of pocket fee (between $100 -$250, not decided yet) for each account. This goes towards funding the marketing campaigns that will build our teams for us.

The subsequent monthly fees are paid automatically by the system out of  the profit.


How many Onpassive accounts can I have?

Can I have more than one Onpassive account?

What Ways Can I Benefit Financially?

You can benefit directly from anyone placed beneath you in the company pay structure.

Onpassive’s automated marketing campaigns will place people under you.

You can get spillover (overflow) from multiple members above you.

You can refer people yourself if you choose to (entirely optional and no required).

There are also other ways to build income streams within the tools and services provided by Onpassive. Current Gofounders have seen these and what possibilities they will bring first hand in the webinars. This information is private and covered under a non disclosure agreement  for now to protect intelectual property until the official launch.

Suffice to say, there will be multiple ways to earn online with Onpassive and many people WILL chose to make this their primary business.


What ways can I benefit financially with Onpassive?

How can I benefit financially from Onpassive?

What ways can I earn online wih Onpassive?

How much is it to become an Onpassive Founder?

The cost to become an Onpassive Founder (Gofounder) is a one time payment of $97 during the pre-launch stage.

This gives you early access to the Gofounders backoffice and private webinars with the leadership council and CEO Ash Mufareh.

During the soft launch stage the price will rise to $149 and it will be the last chance EVER to get a founders position.

The soft launch stage is where the marketing campaigns will begin for the founders and all of the systems will be tested by the tech team before everything goes into full lauch mode.


Is there a monthly fee with Onpassive?

Yes, there is. BUT you will only pay it the first month after going into your backoffice and clicking a button to activate your account.

You will then have full access to over 50 proprietary products and services that the Onpassive tech team has developed.

The following months payments will be taken out of profits automatically by the system. Remember, the system will be marketing for you and placing members in your downline on auto. You can also get overflow or spillover members placed under you from members above you. Once you have three members under you, your account will always be in profit.

The most important thing is you will only pay out of pocket once for that first months payment.

The cost is yet to be decided, but CEO Ash Mufareh has told the founders it will be between $100 – $250. Very reasonable for a lifetime of income, right!

Do I need to refer others to earn online with Onpassive?

No, it’s not necessary. Referring others is entirely optional. Some people are good at it, others aren’t. But it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things as you’ll understand.

Onpassive (OP) is a fully automated Information Technology platform driven by AI (artificial intelligence). They will run constant marketing campaigns showcasing the tools and services as well as the benefits of joining Onpassive. The benefits for example could be the monthly cost savings you’ll receive by using OP.

As people join OP or use the services, they will be placed under us in the pay structure. As time goes on, our earning potential will increase.

Some people who can refer others choose to actively refer others as it cuts time frames down. What this means is it will take less time for you to earn more as your downline team will be growing faster.

Remember, at the start for example OP may place 3 members under you from their marketing campaigns. That doesn’t sound like much yet right? How ever, the next month they will place 3 members under each of the those previous members and so on and so on.

Also on top of that you can get spillover (some say overflow) placed under you from the members above too. Anyone that falls below you, you get paid for.

So it’s not necessary to recruit others although it can help to speed up your results a lot faster.


Do I have to refer others in Onpassive?

Do I have to recruit people in Onpassive?

What is Onpassive?

Onpassive is a high tech information technology (IT) and artificial intelligence (AI) driven company. Their primary goal is to make a super simple easy to use Total Online Business Solution. This would be suitable for absolutely anyone to use and earn online income from no matter what their level of online expertise is.

Onpassive currently has 50 proprietary products (both tools and services) developed over the last 2 and a half years that will really shake the online market up. They will have so much to offer, all in one place and for the best pricing on the internet.

Onpassive will be a market disrupter and will make many people sit up and take notice as they realize they opportunities they can have with Onpassive.

For more on this, you can check out the post ‘What is Onpassive (and 5 reasons to get a gofounders position).

When will Onpassive launch?

It is public knowledge that Onpassive has had the goal to definitely launch in 2020. That should be very soon as we are in December now already.

Everything has been in development for over two and a half years as it has become such a massive project that has never been done before. It has been a long wait but it is nearly over and things are about to get very interesting.


When is Onpassive Going to launch?

When is Onpassive launching?

Do we need a bitcoin account as a founder?

No, you don’t. There will be multiple options for you to choose for payouts from within your own wallet.

However, you may find this is one good option to get paid this way.

Keep in mind that the Bitcoin you own today could be worth quite a lot more in the future. For example if you look on popular Crypto news sites such a Coin Gecko, you’ll often see articles from top exchanges, Investment houses etc saying they believe BTC could surpass $200,000 before the end of 2021!

*NOTE: This is not any kind of investment advice. Please do your own due diligence to make your own informed decisions.


Do Onpassive founders need to have a Bitcoin wallet?

Do Founders need a Bitcoin account?


What is Gofounders?


Gofounders really are the pioneer members of the Onpassive vision.

Currently for a one time payment of $97 (soon to be $147 during soft launch before going away forever), you can secure one of these positions. As a Gofounder (or founder) you are given a number of advantages.

Gofounders have access to the exclusive founders website and private information.

They have priority positioning in the company pay structure. Everyone’s position is timestamped when they join. As a founding member, your downline will be built earlier and faster.

Early automated marketing campaigns will constantly be run and they specifically build founders teams.

Founders are members of the inner circle and can share brainstorming, feedback, resources etc.


What is a gofounder position?

What is an Onpassive Gofounder?



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