ONPASSIVE O-Connect: The Future of Video Conferencing


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What is ONPASSIVE O-Connect and How Does it Work?

Introduction to O-Connect

O-Connect is a game changing video conferencing tool created by ONPASSIVE that offers multiple advantages.  It offers a wide range of features and unmatched clarity and quality with its HD audio and video. It was designed to be the most user friendly and feature packed software that provides a seamless experience no matter the scenario.

Users can host virtual meetings, online training sessions, and real-time collaborations with ease. The video conferencing software utilizes the latest WebRTC and HTML5 technology in your browser. This provides continuous, razor sharp smooth video and audio quality for the best possible user experience.

It is the flagship commercial product of the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem and as such, sets the bar high.

Key Features of O-Connect

The Dashboard Interface of O-Connect

The dashboard interface has been designed to be easy to navigate even for non-techies. It is a fairly quick and easy process to learn how everything works. Especially if you follow the guides that are there to help you. It is recommended to do so.

Unlimited Webinar Participants

O-Connect AI-powered technology ensures it is the best video conferencing software available for hosting large audiences. They constantly improve clarity and quality for online conferencing sessions, even for very large events. A common meeting size is 10,000 participants with O-Connect which may realistically be a struggle for other platforms. Higher meeting sizes will be available commercially soon as the higher level technology matures and deemed fit for purpose.

HD audio and video conferencing

O-Connect is the perfect tool to deliver crystal-clear audio and video quality. It makes it easy for everyone to see and hear each other clearly wherever they are in the world.

Background Noise Cancellation

With automatic detection and removal of background noise, everyone can focus on the conversation, without distractions.

ONPASSIVE O-Connect Video Conferencing Platform

Why Choose ONPASSIVE O-Connect for Video Conferencing?

O-Connect Offers The Most Cost Effective Conferencing Platform

Businesses of all sizes love finding ways to save money. O-Connect offers so much value but unbelievably costs just a fraction of what competitors charge each month. It provides a seamless virtual meeting, with the most innovative features and the best price.

Top Reliability and Security

OP has data centers worldwide with the best technology to protect your data in place. All connections are encrypted and your data is never shared. You have access to customer support (the customer success department) 24/7.

Always Innovating

The O-Connect tech team never stops developing, testing, refining, scaling and coming up with new ideas and features. This product will never stop evolving. We will continue to see a better way of staying connected in the virtual world with this great product.

How O-Connect Utilizes AI for Improved Conferencing

ONPASSIVE products are all infused with artificial intelligence by design. This is because it can learn from monitoring the data around the users’ experiences. It can analyze this and use it to predict and provide a better experience going forward.


Exploring the Advanced Features of O-Connect

An Efficient Prompter

If you are hosting a meeting or tutorial, there is  prompter feature to help you keep your presentation running smoothly. This feature is only visible to the host.

Rich Resounds

Add to the atmosphere of your meeting with resounds. These are sound bytes, clips or effects that will add to the feeling and meaning.

O-Connect Speech-to-Text Functionality

O-Connect makes it easy for anyone to understand what’s happening, even those hard of hearing. Speech-to-text is an essential feature accurately converts speech to text on the fly using an application programming interface (API). Super convenient. The auto language translation is a feature that makes it easy for regional language speakers to understand things.

External URL Video Streaming

You now have the ability to stream your event to a wider audience if you wish via an external URL (ex: Youtube).

Unlocking the Future of Video Conferencing with ONPASSIVE O-Connect

The Benefits of Using O-Connect

Connect With Anyone Globally

Communicate with anyone you like anywhere in the world. People can join the Ecosystem through O-Mail for free and you send them an attendee link. That’s it. Simple.

Start Your Video Conferencing Experience For Free

Sign up for free through O-Mail. Once you have created your O-Mail account, you use you O-Mail user name and password to log into the Ecosystem (OES). Once you are inside on your dashboard, you go to subscribe to O-Connect where you get to have a 14 free trial.

Give A Helping Hand To Others Through O-Connect

We know O-Connect Is an HD audio and video conferencing software that provides an online communication experience with multiple advantages. But did you know you can become a reseller (an affiliate) and earn commissions from it?

If you are an affiliate and have a paid subscription to O-Connect, the system goes to work for you. It will create a funnel encoded to you and send targeted to it, make sales and pay you a commission.

The Video Conferencing Platform That Gives Back

You can also choose to be active and share with friends or people you care about. This is the beautiful part where you leverage this wonderful video conferencing technology created by ONPASSIVE.

You invite them to join you on a webinar. They register an O-Mail account for free (you give them your link to join). You can then send them your webinar link (attendee) so you can communicate. They can see the technology first hand. You aren’t trying to sell them anything. They will see for themselves how good this is in delivering value (or not?).

If they like what they see, they can pay for a subscription, become an affiliate and the system goes to work for them too! You have now earned a commission. And if this is your first sale, you’ll get 100% back! Plus, now you help them to understand how this can work to help them too.

Get Paid Commissions To Use The Best Digital Solutions

So effectively, you can earn online with ONPASSIVE by using the best digital solutions AND have them go to work FOR YOU. Which other tech giant does that for you? One great thing to remember is the company have produced many cutting edge digital products.

These are all in line and are rolling out into the OES now. O-Connect is just the first of many products you can subscribe to and earn commissions from. You can even subscribe to products you may not even choose to use. You just have to have an active subscription to earn from them.

O-Connect vs Zoom

O-Connect was primarily designed to deliver more VALUE to the user in every possible way. More features, more innovation, higher quality and performance plus MUCH MORE affordable. The quick comparison above is quite eye opening.

O-Connect vs Zoom

ONPASSIVE O-Connect: Shaping the Future of Virtual Communications

The pandemic bought the virtual communication industry to the front as people transitioned to doing their jobs and communicating from home. Traditional webinar services became the must have tool for businesses. The video conferencing market grew significantly but many existing players hadn’t evolved.

Along comes OP with a high-quality audio and video output digital solution that others can only dream of. On top of that, you get to use all of the innovative features PLUS earn commissions. There is no doubt there is a big change coming to the video conferencing market in 2024 and beyond.

The OES platform (and O-Connect) can provide an easy and better way of communicating with so many benefits for the users. It’s hard to see how anyone could fail to see the true value on offer here.


How To Get Started In ONPASSIVE

Click the button to register for your free O-Mail account. This gives you access to the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem.

When you come into the Ecosystem, there’s a message at the top of the page. It says ‘Become an affiliate‘. You can click it, if  read the details and would like to earn commissions. You read it and agree to the terms by clicking the button. It’s that simple to become an ONPASSIVE reseller.

Note: If someone else introduced you to OP, you should get one of their affiliate links from them to join up to.

How to get started in ONPASSIVE

Q: What is the significance of “one event at a time” feature in O-Connect?

A: The “one event at a time” feature in O-Connect allows users to accurately track usage attendance and utilize the in-meeting chat options. This improve engagement in every connection.

Q: Does O-Connect support dual-screen sharing?

A: Yes, O-Connect supports dual-screen sharing, providing users with an essential feature that accurately converts.

Q: What are the benefits of using O-Connect for remote meetings?

A: By utilizing O-Connect, users can have crystal-clear video and audio quality, making remote meetings more engaging and productive.

Q: Can O-Connect help improve collaboration in virtual meetings?

A: Yes, O-Connect provides in-meeting chat options that enhance engagement and collaboration among participants, making virtual meetings more interactive and effective.

NOTE: The information presented here is in no way intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead it is designed to give you an idea of what is possible. Success with Onpassive requires hard work, commitment, leadership and perserverance. Earning in any online endeavour can vary depending on each individual’s effort and also many other factors.