Disruptive Ecosystem Puts ONPASSIVE Competitors On Notice

Disruptive Ecosystem Puts ONPASSIVE Competitors On Notice

ONPASSIVE competitors are being put on notice. A Game-changing Ecosystem offers the best technology, affordable value plus revenue building all in one place.

Disruptive Ecosystem Puts ONPASSIVE Competitors On Notice

ONPASSIVE is the definition of disruptive in the digital products Saas (software as a service) field. They are radically raising the bar for customer satisfaction with their innovation, digital solutions, and services plus artificial intelligence technology automation, positioning themselves as a leading provider in the industry. This platform provides an end-to-end solution to accelerate your business no matter your skill level, ideal for enterprise growth.

Above all, they are VALUE driven and openly state they will provide more value to the customers than any other company, period.

What Is ONPASSIVE And How Does It Build Wealth?

What Is ONPASSIVE Ecosystem And How Does It Impact Competitors?

Overview of ONPASSIVE Ecosystem (OES)

ONPASSIVE primarily is an information technology company. It has built a comprehensive digital products platform (the OES). With a single sign in, you can access multiple cutting edge software products and services from your dashboard. Artificial intelligence automates and manages these Saas products and the running of the platform.

Virtually every one of the most used and important services online are represented by the product suite in this platform. Think email, accounting, web hosting, social media, URL shortening, website building, domain names, the list is long. Check out the products list below. Everything you could possibly need, all in one convenient place.

Each individual product is a separate company within ONPASSIVE. They are complete with their own dedicated staff for initial development and continual improvements and upgrades.


How does ONPASSIVE differentiate itself from its competitors?

These would be the key points

  • Convenience and time saving – single sign in for multiple products, no lost passwords, better security. User friendly interface offers a seamless experience – Easy to navigate even for technophobes, designed to accommodate every skill level.
  • Most value all in one place – extraordinary value, never seen before, including multiple free products (lifetime – O-Mail, O-Net, O-Trim) for user
  • Feature rich, innovative products – Every product has been purposely designed to be above market value with the most and best features in its’ class.
  • Most competitive subscription pricing for enterprise solutions – Perhaps one of the biggest points, top quality Saas products at a fraction of the cost of competitors and alternatives. Who else does that?
  • Platform independent – Software can run on desktop or mobile, Windows, Linux or Mac. Everything can run in the cloud so it is flexible!
  • AI Analytics and insight into website traffic trends – Artificial intelligence is used to optimize and enhance all aspects of the business for efficiency.

Give More Value To Customers Than Your Top Competitors

So you can see that OP gives much more value to customers than its’ active competitors. The point of this is that the customers will come in and they will have so much value that they will never want to leave.

Ash Mufareh, ONPASSIVE CEO has often made the following statement.

“No company will EVER give you so much VALUE as ONPASSIVE!”


What Strategies Is ONPASSIVE Employing To Stay Ahead In A Competitive Landscape

Continuous Product Development

As mentioned earlier, every product in the OP portfolio is essentially one company under the companies’ umbrella. Each product has a dedicated team who are tasked with their own continual application development. This means they will always be adding new features and updating to stay at the top.

Own Their Own Infrastructure

The company is well on track with ownership and integration of all necessary infrastructure towards ensuring no third parties cause any ‘pain points’. Controlling its’ own destiny without outside interference or reliance on other competitor’s products to operate was a high priority. CEO Ash Mufareh has chosen the difficult but necessary path of building everything we need to be self sufficient. We are now so close to this goal.

Analyzing the Competitive Landscape for ONPASSIVE

ONPASSIVE has built out all of its’ own proprietary AI and machine learning technology. The company leverages AI for a wide range of competitor analysis as well as in house tasks. This will only get better as time goes on. It gets smarter with the more data it is fed. This will enable them to stay well placed in a competitive marketplace.

ONPASSIVE Ecosystem Introduction (Digital Solutions Platform) Features

What Are The Key Strengths Of ONPASSIVE Compared To Its Competitors?

Key Strengths

There are already quite a few you have seen above so far, and we encourage you to compare ONPASSIVE with others. But there are a few more!

First though, a quick recap. ONPASSIVE’s products are all top quality software designed to be better, aiming to increase customer revenue. They have many more of the most unique and innovative features than anything else. You have the convenience and security of the single sign in. This enables users to save time and bother AND save money too, as they are the most affordable! It looks good so far right? But it gets better.

The Digital Transformation That Lets Users Get Paid

You can come into the OES for free. You get access to the three free programs for life with no obligation whatsoever. Have a good look around. Check it all out. You will see at the top of the screen you can click a button to become a reseller (an affiliate). This is where the magic begins! 

You can then purchase a subscription to a paid product, for example O-Connect. You can use it or not, that’s up to you. But when you ‘buy’ a product, the fully autonomous system goes to work for you. It will use the tools to make a funnel coded to you, send traffic and make sales on your behalf. Its all effortless for you as the system does all the digital marketing and heavy lifting. If you want to earn more, you can purchase more. Simple and exceptional. You can get paid while you use the best software solutions! That’s something you won’t see competitors include in their offerings!

You can learn more about this in my other more detailed posts on wealth building.


The Best Digital Marketing Services

ONPASSIVE has the best marketing services and staff. The creative minds they are blessed with in the O-Media and other departments is amazing. These highly talented people have bought together events and marketing on a level never seen before. This is a major key strength of the company as it is well known that no business can succeed with out traffic or customers.

The advertising spectacles on the Burj Khalifa and blanket marketing campaigns across Dubai got mass exposure, significantly boosting website traffic. Dubai Mall had 105 million visitors over the last year and OP has hundreds of screens in there playing our ads 24/7. This includes some huge screen real estate. This is the kind of marketing genius that will take the company to new heights.

Much more is planned and continually in progress. Their social network profiles are continually increasing daily. Many more of the founding members (more than 1.4 million) are becoming an asset to the company. They are actively promoting and sharing it. All of this adds up to huge exposure that can only help the momentum pick up speed.

ONPASSIVE Reception Area
ONPASSIVE Hyderabad Office Conference Room
ONPASSIVE Hyderabad Office Meeting Room
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Huge ONPASSIVE Ad - Dubai Mall Ice Skating Rink
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100's Of Screens Across Dubai Show ONPASSIVE 24/7
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How Does ONPASSIVE Rank Compared To Alternatives In The Market?

To be clear, in one way I don’t think OP really has any direct competitors. Nobody has ever attempted to build what Ash Mufareh has. Certainly not on anywhere near to this scale anyway.

In individual niches, yes, OP would be competing with other products. But again, think about the VALUE it will give in terms of enhancing productivity and revenue. I think it certainly gives a pretty compelling reason why it will soon start ranking very highly compared to others. Customers will want to stay.


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