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The ONPASSIVE Hyderabad Office is the engine room of innovation and growth for the company. Lets look at the amazing staff and their significant contribution to the ONPASSIVE mission.

Unlocking Success: Exploring the ONPASSIVE Hyderabad Office


The ONPASSIVE Hyderabad office could be described as the original ‘engine room’ of innovation and growth for the company. It stands as a beacon of success with its technological advancements providing the massive foundation this tech giant needed.

It’s easy to see how the ONPASSIVE Hyderabad office plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the organization. In turn, this will also have a ripple effect and will impact many peoples lives globally. Their contribution to what ONPASSIVE and CEO Mr Ash Mufareh are trying to achieve is enormous. Let’s dive in to an overview of its operations, impact on the community, and the role it plays in driving technological advancements.



At the core of ONPASSIVE lies a revolutionary mission: to redefine success through advanced technological solutions. ONPASSIVE is an AI- powered tech driven platform committed to transforming businesses globally. With a focus on automation, artificial intelligence, and innovative strategies, ONPASSIVE has emerged as a game-changer in the digital landscape. It has a longterm plan to use its technology to lift up humanity, one person at a time.

 Innovation And Creativity Hub

The ONPASSIVE Hyderabad office is a crucial hub within this global framework. It is not merely a physical location but a dynamic center where ideas evolve, technologies emerge, and success stories are written. The global reach of ONPASSIVE, coupled with its local impact, positions it as a leader in the industry.

The ONPASSIVE Ecosystem is the foundation the company has built to launch from. The ONPASSIVE Hyderabad office and its talented team are the ones responsible for giving us all of that! The Ecosystem is the one stop shop where you access multiple digital products and services from one convenient dashboard. Its a comprehensive platform accessible with a single sign on.

These Ecosystem products provide you with everything you could possibly need to work or operate online. Litearally the best products with the most innovative features, all for an affordable price.


The ONPASSIVE Hyderabad office and its incredibly talented team are responsible for giving us the Ecosystem. Peoples lives will be changed for the better by leveraging these tools and systems.

The Role of ONPASSIVE Hyderabad Office

Operational Excellence

When you delve deeper into the inner workings of ONPASSIVE, you see the Hyderabad office takes center stage. This office is so much more than a workspace. It is a strategic center that contributes significantly to ONPASSIVE’s overarching objectives. From spearheading technological advancements to fostering a collaborative work culture, the Hyderabad office serves as a catalyst for ONPASSIVE’s success.

The scale and scope of activities within the Hyderabad office are vast. Recruitment was focussed on building the best of the best team possible. This has bought about big returns in research and development through to operational excellence. Every facet of ONPASSIVE’s global mission is linked back to the endeavors undertaken here. The Hyderabad office serves as a testament to the organization’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

Location and Facilities

ONPASSIVE Hyderabad Office Is Strategically Located

Situated in the heart of Hyderabad, the ONPASSIVE office boasts a strategic location that reflects the organization’s commitment to accessibility and convenience. The office’s physical address provides a central hub for employees and collaborators alike, fostering a sense of community within the vibrant city.


ONPASSIVE Hyderabad location

The ONPASSIVE office in Hyderabad is located at DSR Inspire, Plot No: 21, Sector: 1, Hitech City Rd, HUDA Techno Enclave, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081, INDIA. NOTE: Please note that you cannot just arrive there and expect to be shown around. Strict security protocols are in place. Be mindful of this and call ahead to request a visit if at all possible.

Accessibility and Convenience

Accessibility and Convenience
The ONPASSIVE Hyderabad office is strategically located, ensuring ease of access for employees and stakeholders. Proximity to public transportation and key amenities contributes to a seamless experience for those engaging with the organization.

Virtual Tour of the Office Space

Let’s take a virtual stroll through the ONPASSIVE Hyderabad office:

  • Entrance and Reception Area: Welcoming visitors with a blend of modern aesthetics and ONPASSIVE branding.
  • Workspace and Collaboration Zones: Open-concept workspaces designed to encourage creativity and communication among team members.
  • Meeting Rooms: Equipped with state-of-the-art technology to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration, ensuring that ideas flow freely.
  • Recreational Areas: Breakout spaces and recreational areas designed to foster a positive work environment, promoting employee well-being.
  • Auditorium / Conference Room: Perfect for large capacity events and international meetings with hi-tech audio/visuals.
  • Technological Infrastructure: High-tech facilities supporting the organization’s commitment to innovation, including cutting-edge servers and networking solutions.
ONPASSIVE Reception Area
ONPASSIVE Hyderabad Office Conference Room
ONPASSIVE Hyderabad Office Meeting Room
ONPASSIVE Hyderabad Office Staff
ONPASSIVE Office In Hyderabad Open Workspace
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ONPASSIVE Reception Area With 3 Car Giveaway
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ONPASSIVE Hyderabad Office Conference Room
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ONPASSIVE Hyderabad Office Meeting Room
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ONPASSIVE Hyderabad Office Staff
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ONPASSIVE Office In Hyderabad Open Workspace
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ONPASSIVE Hyderabad Team

Behind every successful organization is a dedicated and skilled team, and ONPASSIVE Hyderabad is no exception. Let’s introduce you to the key personnel and leaders who play instrumental roles in driving ONPASSIVE’s mission forward.

Collaborative Spirit and Diverse Expertise

Within the ONPASSIVE Hyderabad team, a diverse range of skills converges to create a harmonious work environment. You’ll find tech enthusiasts and AI specialists with very creative minds in marketing and communication.

The ONPASSIVE company culture in Hyderabad embodies a collaborative spirit that gets the best out of them collectively. Not only are these individuals highly skilled in their chosen fields, but they are willing team players as well

ONPASSIVE Office Hyderabad

ONPASSIVE’s Impact on the Hyderabad Community

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives

ONPASSIVE’s influence extends beyond the confines of its office walls. The organization is deeply committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, creating a positive impact on the local community in Hyderabad. Let’s explore the various ways in which ONPASSIVE contributes to the community’s growth and development.

Community Engagement and Collaboration

Outreach Programs

ONPASSIVE actively engages with the local community through collaborative projects, workshops, and outreach programs. By fostering relationships with educational institutions, local businesses, and nonprofit organizations, ONPASSIVE creates a synergistic ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders. The organization’s commitment to collaboration goes beyond business transactions, aiming to build lasting connections within the community.

Partnering with Local Businesses

ONPASSIVE Office In Hyderabad Collaborates Locally

In line with its global mission, ONPASSIVE actively supports and collaborates with local businesses and local government in Hyderabad. This collaborative approach not only contributes to the growth of the local economy but also showcases OP’s dedication to building meaningful partnerships. By integrating with the local business landscape, they strengthen ties with the community. They also establish themselves as a responsible corporate citizen. This is something they are doing in many other locations as well.
The impact of ONPASSIVE’s initiatives is tangible, creating a ripple effect that transcends what people think and expect from traditional businesses. OP truly cares about people and is showing this by example. People will see this ‘new way’ of doing things and like it.

Technological Advancements at ONPASSIVE Hyderabad

Hyderabad Technology Hub

The ONPASSIVE Hyderabad location is a crucible of innovation, driving technological advancements that will be seen globally. The talented minds at ONPASSIVE Hyderabad have been producing cutting-edge technologies that will benefit so many people, going forward.

This is why it’s a very exciting time now round the start of 2024. We are just starting to see the unveiling of multiple digital products and services into the ONPASSIVE Ecossytem. These will showcase the work of the exceptionally talented techies and engineers. It has been over five years of preparation to get to this point, but the results will speak for themselves.
There are many reasons why Mr Ash Mufareh and the O-Founders (early bird members) are so proud of Hyderabad Office.

Role of ONPASSIVE in Shaping Technological Trends

As a hub for innovation, ONPASSIVE Hyderabad plays a pivotal role in shaping future technological trends. By staying at the forefront of emerging technologies, for exampe AI, they can adapt to change and influence the trajectory of the tech industry. ONPASSIVE is not just a follower, it is a trendsetter.

Tangible Results and Transformations

Real success is not just measured in technological advancements but also in the tangible impact OP has on individuals and businesses in Hyderabad and abroad. These are some of the noteworthy areas where ONPASSIVE’s solutions are having a positive impact.

  • Business Growth: Some businesses in Hyderabad have experienced significant growth and operational efficiency through the implementation of ONPASSIVE solutions.
  • Increased Productivity: Organizations have witnessed a substantial boost in productivity, thanks to the innovative automation platforms developed by OP.
  • Enhanced User Experiences: ONPASSIVE’s AI-powered solutions are elevating user experiences, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

So Proud Of The ONPASSIVE Hyderabad Team

Exceptional Staff

We are so proud of the Hyderabad Office Team for the many sacrifices and hard work they do selflessly. What they have achieved in building on Mr Mufareh’s vision is outstanding. Their work will directly and positively have an effect on many families lives around the world. The O-Founders and the CEO love this amazing team of techies and staff.

Mr Mufareh shows his appreciation by rewarding them with the latest Androids or Iphones. He also rewards those who go above and beyond for the company with a brand newcar! Exceptional people deserve exceptional rewards.

ONPASSIVE continued its Giveaway program with a brand new Hyundai Venue SUV. Mr. Naga Praveen Paricharla from the O-Staff Team is the lucky winner. He was rewarded for his exemplary contribution to the O-Staff product.

ONPASSIVE Hyderabad location Job Opportunities and Skill Development

ONPASSIVE is providing job opportunities and investing in skill development programs. The organization contributes to the professional growth of individuals in Hyderabad. These initiatives not only enhance employment prospects but also elevate the skill set of the local workforce. If this is something you are interested in, reach out to connect with them.

How to Connect with ONPASSIVE Hyderabad

Contact Information and Inquiries

For those eager to reach out and explore potential collaborations, ONPASSIVE provides accessible contact information. If you have inquiries, want to explore partnership opportunities, or wish to learn more, reach out through the official ONPASSIVE website first.

Social Media and Online Platforms

Alternatively, ONPASSIVE maintains an active presence on social media and various online platforms. Following ONPASSIVE’s official accounts allows individuals to stay informed about news, updates, and events related to the organization’s activities in Hyderabad. It also serves as a platform for networking with professionals who share a common interest in technological innovation.
Of course, if you have joined the OP Ecosystem for free, you’ll see you have access to the latest webinars and corporate information.

Connecting with ONPASSIVE in Hyderabad goes beyond conventional business interactions. It’s about becoming part of a dynamic community that values collaboration, innovation, and shared success

Frequently Asked Questions


These are some common questions pertaining to the Hyderabad office and its operations. We have a main (FAQs) Frequently Asked questions post if you want to explore further.

 What is the core mission of ONPASSIVE?

At its core, ONPASSIVE is committed to transforming businesses globally through innovative, AI-powered solutions. The organization strives to redefine success in the digital age by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and fostering a collaborative community.

How does the Hyderabad office contribute to ONPASSIVE’s global objectives?

The Hyderabad office serves as a strategic hub, directly contributing to ONPASSIVE’s technological advancements. It has startedsome collaborative initiatives, and has a commitment to corporate social responsibility. It plays a vital role in shaping the organization’s overall vision and impact.

Can individuals or businesses collaborate with ONPASSIVE in Hyderabad?

Absolutely. ONPASSIVE actively welcomes collaborations with individuals, businesses, and organizations that share a vision for technological innovation and community development. There are various avenues for collaborations, partnerships, events, or joint initiatives.

How can I stay informed about ONPASSIVE Hyderabad’s activities?

To stay updated on ONPASSIVE’s activities in Hyderabad, individuals can follow the organization’s official social media accounts. They can also attend events and webinars hosted by the Hyderabad office (access through OES).

Does ONPASSIVE engage in philanthropic activities in Hyderabad?

Yes, ONPASSIVE is deeply committed to corporate social responsibility and actively engages in philanthropic activities in Hyderabad. The organization aims to create a positive impact on the local community through job creation, skill development programs, and collaborations with local businesses.


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