What Is ONPASSIVE And How Does It Build Wealth?

Disruptive Ecosystem Puts ONPASSIVE Competitors On Notice

What Is ONPASSIVE And How Does It Build Wealth? An AI automated platform with the best digital products. AI sells those products and makes commissions for you.

What Is ONPASSIVE And How Does It Build Wealth?

ONPASSIVE is a company founded in 2018 by Mr Ash Mufareh in the headquarters in Florida, USA. Over the last five years, this technology company has been in development, creating multiple specialized digital solutions. These are all managed by their own artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. They also have many lines of physical products that will be introduced to the market in the near future.

This massive company has many separate divisions dedicated to the creation of their own individual products and business growth. All of the products will be housed in the central platform that is revolutionizing the way businesses operate and build wealth. This platform is known as the OES (ONPASSIVE Ecosystem). It also houses an intelligent system that can work at making commissions for you!


Introduction to ONPASSIVE

The OES platform is unique because never before have we had access to so many digital solution through one single sign in. Just think, about how efficient and convenient this is. Create, edit, market, communicate, email, socialize, track, and so much more. Everything you could possibly need all in one place.


Entrepreneurs and business owners of all sizes can benefit in multiple ways with these innovative solutions. They’re able to leverage cutting-edge tools and services to streamline their business. They can save time and increase productivity while cutting costs with much better pricing too. ONPASSIVE always delivers products that are feature rich and better than anything comparatively similar in the market.

The company mission is always to deliver the most VALUE to the users through its’ products and services. On top of that, OES users are able to become affiliates too and build income. So when you think about it, you could use the best products and solutions AND get paid for it!

Exploring the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem Is Free

ONPASSIVE’s complete ecosystem is built around the fully autonomous tools, designed to maximize productivity. These tools are of the highest quality and as such you may associate access to them is costly. However, that is definitely not the case.

Remember, VALUE is what ONPASSIVE is always going to provide. They are doing things differently than any other company before. They make it so easy to sign up and check it out because it’s completely free to come in!


When you join, you’ll instantly have access to three 100% free tools and applications for life! You register your O-Mail account and then you can use those details to log in to the OES. You’ll then have access to Onet (social platform) and Otrim (URL shortener) too. No strings attached.

The company offering this way for anyone to easily come in and check things out is genius. Users will be happy to come in at no cost. They’ll be happy knowing they can use the three free products for life with no obligation. Over time however, they may see so much value in the paid products that they decide to buy something. That is what ONPASSIVE’s thinking is. They provide so much value that customers want to stay and want to buy something.

Build Residual Income With ONPASSIVE

ONPASSIVE gives you automated tools that enhance everything you do online. It’s no surprise that to build residual income with ONPASSIVE is easy to do too. If you wanted a stable way to build an income, it’s very straightforward to get started.

Earn Online With ONPASSIVE

First, you’ll click a button to become an affiliate. You’ll then purchase a package of a product you like. Say for example O-Connect (webinar platform). You pay out of pocket once and the advanced artificial intelligence technology takes it from there.

It builds a sales funnel encoded to you.  It sends targeted traffic, makes sales of the digital products and pays you commissions. This is the power of artificial intelligence. It does all the heavy lifting for you. You just have to ‘own’ a product package to have the ability to earn commissions on it.

Understanding ONPASSIVE’s Business Potential

ONPASSIVE is redefining the landscape of business with its innovative automation tools. It has created many new opportunities to help businesses and individual alike find success online. Keep in mind, even brick and mortar businesses can benefit greatly from the total internet solutions ONPASSIVE provides.

There is no doubt they will drive innovation with the fresh perspectives they bring to the market. Small and medium-sized businesses, digital nomads, corporations or even governments will all see the potential here very soon. The solutions are designed purposefully to be able to empower and benefit everyone.

Become A Digital Nomad In 2024

It won’t take long for people to associate ONPASSIVE with unheard of before value. They are showing that the highest quality, best value AI technology products don’t have to be so expensive. This is how they will grab the markets attention in a very short time. Consumers aren’t stupid and they know a good deal when they see one. Just take O-Connect (webinar platform) as an example. This is the companies first paid product and it is clearly head and shoulders above anything else available.

Why Choose What ONPASSIVE offers?

Take a look at the quick comparison from another well known player in the market. If businesses are struggling, do you think they’d be considering how they could cut costs? Would they be curious enough to take a look at other products?

It is not all about the money with ONPASSIVE. Every product or service is essentially a separate business entity with their own teams of engineers. No digital product will ever be entirely finished. The applications and tools are always being refined or have more features added to make them even better. Mr Mufareh has stated that this will always allow them to stay ahead of the curve.

Revolution In Digital Marketing With ONPASSIVE

The word BIG doesn’t do ONPASSIVE justice. They are HUGE and everything they do is on a completely massive scale. That is the way they operate. They are absolutely creating a revolution in digital marketing with what they have built. Their incredibly detailed business solution provides so many advantages.

There are many more new marketing and sales campaigns just about to start soon. They’ll be just like the past ones on the Burj Khalifa or bigger! Or the rebranding of Al Safa train station in Dubai to ONPASSIVE station. It is in a very high profile location and you cannot miss it, even if you tried. All of these enormous events are designed to maximize the viral effect. Branding and market awareness at its’ best.

Exploring ONPASSIVE’s Productivity-Boosting AI-Driven Tools

Understanding The AI Tools Offered By ONPASSIVE

Many of the founder members (early bird members) have been with the company in it’s development period from the beginning in 2018. The have seen the digital transformation from back then, when a simple marketing platform was proposed. Right up to now, where we have the Ecosystem. They know first hand ONPASSIVE is an artificial intelligence powerhouse. Now, ONPASSIVE boasts an impressive all encompassing software as a service (SAAS) platform as its’ masterpiece.

It is quite likely that no one else would ever attempt to duplicate this, at least not on this scale. To say it has been a difficult journey for the corporate team and the techies would be a massive understatement. The technical and logistical issues, the legalities, different time zones, staffing, bad actors etc. The list of challenges was extensive, but their determination has paid of handsomely.

As a result, every business owner will be seriously looking at what OP has to offer. These tools and services are too good to be ignored. The potential to boost productivity and build stronger customer relationships though them is very attractive.

AI-Based Tools To Take Your Business To The Next Level In 2024

Become A Digital Nomad In 2024

Today, we see a comprehensive suite of AI solutions that enhance our business operations through automation. Having everything we need to operate efficiently online in one convenient place will transform the way we ‘work’.

Currently, it is the start of 2024. The first three free tools (see more below*) and the first paid one (O-Connect) are active in the Ecosystem. Many more paid products are just about to be added. Every tool  or service will help business owners and entrepreneurs in multiple ways including cutting monthly costs. You’ll not only streamline business processes, but you have high level security and privacy too.

Artificial Intelligence Tools in ONPASSIVE

The AI Based tools of ONPASSIVE were designed to benefit you. They are here to help you succeed in a fully connected world. They are not  there to entice you for unscrupulous reasons. YOU are not a product and OP will never sell your data. Remember, EVERYTHING has been developed to add VALUE for the user. No other reason.

Understanding The ONPASSIVE Compensation Plan In The Ecosystem

The ONPASSIVE compensation plan is designed to reward  those who build a business with them very well. Our CEO has stated several times the company will share a major part of the profits with affiliates. More than any other company.

Note: Everyone joining OP and becoming an affiliate has to sign a non-disclosure agreement. A lot of information in the ecosystem is not allowed to be discussed openly. This is partly to protect some proprietary information. Also it is to discourage people sharing the information in the way of the past ‘money game mentality’.

So far, we have been given limited information on the compensation plan but what we do know is amazing! The compensation plan will be unique to ONPASSIVE and different to anything else before it. It will be protected so no one else will be able to use it.

ONPASSIVE Compensation Plan

Generous Commissions From Sales Of AI-Powered Solutions

As an example again, say you choose to share ONPASSIVE with someone. They join your organization from your link and use the three free products. They spend some time having a good look around the back office. They love O-Connect and realize they can buy it, use it, and receive commissions too. Because they joined direct from you, you get 100% commission from that first sale in your billing cycle. Any other sale of O-Connect results in you getting 25% commission.

Each individual product can have its’ own unique product packages. Some products will have multiple package options, features, time frames etc. We won’t have long to wait to see what some of them are. When I have more of that information and know we can share it publicly, I will update this post. But for now, I’m sure you’ll agree the commission rates mentioned before are exceptionally generous!

Remember, you DON’T have to share this to earn online with ONPASSIVE. The fully automated system driven by artificial intelligence will build your business for you. However, some people want to get to their income goals quicker, whatever they may be.

O-Mail, O-Trim and O-Net: 3 Free Tools Of ONPASSIVE

The Three Free Tools Of ONPASSIVE

* O-Mail, O-Trim and O-Net are powerful tools designed to take businesses to the next level. They have the most innovative and biggest number of features compared to anything in the same market. Big VALUE comes in all of them and they are also FREE! These provide a nice bonus to come inside the OES and try things out for yourself. You can use these for life with no strings attached.

Check out the short reviews here.

O-Mail short product review

O-Net short product review

O-Trim short product review


How to get started in ONPASSIVE

You are able to join completely obligation free by registering with an O-Mail account HERE. Then you have instant access to some free products for life. You can look around inside and check it all out for yourself.



Q: How can ONPASSIVE build wealth with Artificial Intelligence?

A: ONPASSIVE leverages the potential of AI and machine learning to analyze marketing results. It automates various tasks, and provides real-time insights that enable organizations to efficiently drive business growth.

Q: What are some key features of ONPASSIVE?

A: ONPASSIVE offers the highest quality suite of tools and apps all in one place, with a simple single sign in. These innovative tools are feature rich and much more reasonably priced than anything elsewhere. You can cut costs considerably using these products. You can earn commissions as an affiliate as automated sales of them are made for you. Effectively, you can get paid for using the best tools and services. Many of these products are unlimited. You’ll never find so much value in one place, lie you will here.

Q: What are the benefits of using ONPASSIVE?

A: Whether you are a business or an entrepreneur, you can increase efficiency in everything you do online. Everything you need to work, play, manage, edit, or create is at your fingertips (and much more). The whole platform has been designed to empower you. The founders have a saying,’If you are in, you will win‘. The meaning is simple, just join and you’ll automatically update your choices on ways to build on your success.

Q: How does ONPASSIVE revolutionize the future of the internet?

A: ONPASSIVE is at the forefront of driving the future of internet by offering cutting-edge AI-powered solutions that are designed to transform the way businesses operate, interact, and thrive in the digital ecosystem.

Q: How does ONPASSIVE analyze marketing results?

A: ONPASSIVE leverages AI to analyze marketing results in real-time, providing businesses with actionable insights and data-driven recommendations to optimize their marketing efforts and drive better outcomes.

Q: What sets ONPASSIVE apart in the world of AI powered platforms?

A: ONPASSIVE stands out for its comprehensive approach to digital transformation strategies. They offer a wide range of solutions for the diverse needs of business operators. Their flexibility means it can be recommended from medium to large, small or sole operator business. It doesn’t matter what size as they can cater for all. It can be a one-stop destination digital transformation for businesses, especially those looking to modernize and streamline.

Q: How can ONPASSIVE help individuals and organizations achieve their goals?

A: ONPASSIVE provides a suite of tools and apps that are designed to enhance productivity and boost operational efficiency. Update your choices to align with the evolving digital landscape. Keep in mind this organization also equally benefits both individuals and companies in their quest for success. They also provide a range of tools to help build and mangage any kind of sales and marketing campaigns to grow your brand and prescence.

5 Quick Takeaways From This Short ONPASSIVE Review (Overview)

Cut costs – Top quality tools at more affordable prices. Quality doesn’t have to mean expensive.
Convenience – Everything all in one easy to find place
Single sign on – no lost time looking for log in details and passwords for every program
Automation – Let the automation work for you. Get more done in less time.
Build Income – Become an affiliate. Let the system make sales of the products for you. Receive Commissions.


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