ONPASSIVE OES Overview (AI-Powered Solutions)

Disruptive Ecosystem Puts ONPASSIVE Competitors On Notice
ONPASSIVE is revolutionizing the future of the internet with AI-powered solutions to maximize productivity and innovation in business. Discover #ONPASSIVE


Introduction to ONPASSIVE

ONPASSIVE (OP) is an IT company, specializing in AI enhanced digital business solutions. They have built a wide range of fully automated digital tools for businesses and entrepreneurs. These are all integrated in the OES (ONPASSIVEecosystem), a one-stop shop with a single sign in.

This massive project has been under construction since 2018 until now, where it has launched commercially. It is the vision of Mr Ash Mufareh, the CEO, in the company headquarters in Florida, USA.

Understanding ONPASSIVE’s business potential

To say ONPASSIVE has huge growth potential would be a big understatement. Mr Mufareh and his dedicated team have built this company differently. They are not driven by money, everything they do is to create VALUE for their customers. You can see their feature rich ai tools and software products ooze innovation and yet are so affordable.

They took the initiative to build something truly special over the last five years. A globally accessible ai business, that’s seamless to join and allows many new opportunities for personal and business development. The system will allow you to take your business to the next level plus you can build passive income here too! There is no doubt of the potential growth ONPASSIVE will have.

Exploring the ONPASSIVE ecosystem (OES)

The OES has been designed to be a comprehensive backoffice housing everything you could possibly need to operate online. No matter what you do online, OP will eventually have rolled out solution to do it from within the backoffice.


You can communicate, email, hold webinars, create and edit content. You’ll be able to manage or market your business, get web hosting and domain names. There is tracking and URL shortener service. There’ll be a marketplace, accounting, staff management, online academy.. and a lot more. All of this is infused with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It will get smarter and run things even more efficiently in the future.

You are able to join, come in for free and have a look around to see how it all works. You get instant access to the three free products of ONPASSIVE. They are O-Mail, O-Net (social platform) and O-Trim (URL shortener). They might be free, but don’t be fooled. You have to remember ONPASSIVE is an IT company the ALWAYS over delivers! Their free products put many other companies similar products to shame with their amazing features. Register and check it out for yourself.

The future of ONPASSIVE

OP are building a brighter future, especially for people determined to achieve their business objectives. The platform they have built seamlessly blends leading ai technolgy with innovative software tools and services.

OP is no doubt a game changer, driving a transformation in the ways companies will operate online. The bad actors will have to clean up their act and become more ethical and responsible. Especially in the ways they handle customers and their data. If they don’t, they wont be relevant anymore.

ONPASSIVE knows people have had enough of the old ways. They are fostering connections now with leaders and influencers to shape a new way forward.

ONPASSIVE’s headquarters and key locations

OP HQ is in the USA, in florida. This where Mr Mufareh runs the global organization. They have offices of different sizes with different purposes in multiple countries already. Many more are to be added but will be disclosed at the appropriate time.

One of the main larger techie offices is in Hyderabad, India. They have another media and corporate office in Dubai where they also own two floors in the Burj Khalifa. The 151st and 134th floors will be for corporate use in the future.


Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Other notable branch offices are in SIngapore and Egypt. Work was well underway on a new office in Bangladesh. However a change in government poilicies has led to this being re-evaluated.

How does ONPASSIVE unlock business potential?

Transforming business processes with ONPASSIVE

ONPASSIVE’s comprehensive suite of cutting-edge SaaS solutions is designed to analyze and automate business growth. They can help businesses from initial strategy and design to seamless implementation and management. A bit of a technical way of putting it, but it means businesses can stay ahead of the curve and maximize their success.

Empowering enterprises with ONPASSIVE

Any company not looking to find and use an advantage over competitors will be left behind. This tech company provides business owners with multiple advantages in efficiently advancing their own business. Using these advanced tools and services can increase brand awareness and raise interest in what you are doing.

AI-powered solutions for business operations

OP strive to provide solutions that will streamline business operations in an effortless manner. The proprietary artificial intelligence OP has created will be used virtually in every facet of their business. They constantly aim to provide the most efficient and cost effective solutions.

Maximizing productivity with ONPASSIVE

You are able to maximize how productive you are by using these tools and services. You can save a huge amount of time by having everything at your fingertips. The single sign in, with this much power in your hands has never been done before. You can quickly get to focusing on whats important without time wasting distractions.

What AI-powered solutions does ONPASSIVE offer?

ONPASSIVE’s suite of artificial intelligence products

Practically all of the hub of tools and services benefit from some form of virtual A.I. infusion. The name of the game is efficiency. OP builds the tech that saves you your time. Their data-driven solutions are designed to do as much of the heavy lifting as possible, so the usersdon’t have to.

Automation and insights from ONPASSIVE’s AI platform

Take for example O-Connect, their video conferencing platform. As users host a video conference, the A.I. is working behind the scenes with machine learning(ML). Everything is measured and analyzed. Your internet connection speed, latency, operating system, browser, how many users etc. The technology is there to interpret the data so it can optimize your videocalls.

Have you ever had a videoconference where someone is speaking and at a critical time, it starts looping? Nothing more frustrating, right? This is where the tech can learn from the data how to make changes that improve future events.



Optimizing marketing strategies with ONPASSIVE’s AI

OP has created very practical and usefull A.I. powered tools like O-Tracker. It is a powerful tracking and analytics tool that can help businesses sharpen their marketing strategies. One of the key features of O-Tracker is its ability to provide heat maps. They offer valuable insights into user behavior and website performance through graphical representations of data. User activities, such as clicks, taps, scrolling, and cursor movements, are shown using color coding.

Heat maps allow marketers to analyze user engagement patterns, identify areas of interest, and discover potential optimization opportunities. By leveraging O-Tracker’s features, businesses can optimize website design, layout, and content placement, and drive better results.

Understanding the impact of ONPASSIVE’s AI on 2023 business trends

General Artificial Intelligence in 2023 has come a long way since its inception. It’s been remarkable watching the transformation in the way we live, work and communicate. AI has proven to be a valuable tool with huge potential to revolutionize every industry. 2023 was a landmark year for it.

According to ONPASSIVE, it is rapidly advancing and becoming increasingly prevalent in various industries. Healthcare, finance, retail, and transportation,as a few notable examples, are all seeing rapid changes.

In 2024, we can expect to see increased adoption of AI in healthcare, which is growing rapidly and is expected to continue. AI algorithms are being used to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency in the healthcare industry. ONPASSIVE is here to help by utilizing its’ considerable experience to formulate the best business growth strategy. They are committed to providing solutions that are most needed and value that can benefit all equally.

How can businesses benefit from ONPASSIVE?


Increased efficiency and productivity: ONPASSIVE’s automation tools can help businesses speed up their processes to reduce the time and effort needed to complete routine tasks. Employees can then focus on more important tasks that require human intervention and creativity.

Cost savings: Businesses can reduce their overall operating costs through automation. This also reduces the chances of errors and increases the professionalism of the organization. The overall cost savings that can be made with OP products in comparison to other market products can be substantial.

Competitive advantage: ONPASSIVE’s fresh new solutions and perspectives on technology and business challenges can help gain a competitive edge.

Better quality, feature rich: You will quickly see an OP app or software will be more user friendly and full of features. These digital products are designed purposely to give you, the user more.

How To Earn Online With ONPASSIVE’s Ecosystem

The Eco-system and it’s digital solutions are the key to how you can earn online with ONPASSIVE. We have already learned how OP designs and builds their products. They always have the thought of delivering maximum value to the user. This is the massive drawcard to bring in the curious.

Many people want to know more and get a better deal than what they have been using. Ease of use, innovative features and more affordable are all attractive points to them. What if they could get all of that and ALSO get paid as well? That is the unique opportunity OP has to offer.

Onboarding and subscription to ONPASSIVE’s solutions

You join the OP platform via registering your free O-Mail account. This one of the three free products of ONPASSIVE that you have instant access to when first signing up. The other two products are Onet and Otrim. You use your newly created O-Mail credentials to log into the backoffice. This where you are free to have a good look around for yourself.


Become An ONPASSIVE Affiliate

You can click a button at the top of the dashboard and agree to becoming an affiliate.  Then have a look around the dashboard and you’ll see other buttons leading to paid product packages. You can choose to make a payment (active subscription) for a product. Then the system automatically goes to work for you.

The A.I. uses some of the tools (for example: products such as a website builder, domain name and web hosting). It builds a complete marketing funnel coded to you. It then sends qualified traffic to your funnel. The traffic means people who will likely be interested in what they are shown. Some of them will be interested and when a sale is made, you get a commission.

How It Works To Build Wealth

The technology runs as a self funding system. You pay the first subscription payment for that particular product package. The proceeding payments are paid by the A.I. It will set aside some of the commissions first from the sales it makes on your behalf. The first sale it makes on your behalf when you ‘own’ that package, you get 100% commission! Other sales not direct to you will earn you a 25% cut on the package price. Still very nice!



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Earn More Commissions

If you want to earn more, you can pay for other different product packages. You don’t even have to use that product. You just need to have activated it (paid) and the system will get busy for you.

You can also optionally choose to share this with friends or family. It is up to you, but you are under no obligation to do so. But why wouldn’t you want to share it? The more you share, the faster you could reach your income goals, right?

Besides, it would be a good thing to share something that could really help people you care about. Think about it this way. You get to use the best tools AND you can get paid to do it.

Is ONPASSIVE a sustainable solution for businesses?


Quite simply, yes it is. We can see that they are innovators. They offer the highest quality products with never seen before features. The A.I. and ML will take care of the heavy work, automatically saving time. Businesses will have multiple advantages over competitors through the digital marketing. They can also lower overall costs and streamline their processes.

On top of that, they can choose the affiliate option and build another income stream that way. Multiple ways towards winning. When you put everything together, it would certainly seem like OP would be a good fit for businesses. Some would could say it would be crazy not to take advantage of cutting costs and building extra income.

Understanding the impact of ONPASSIVE on the future of internet

With over five years of preparation and building a strong foundation, ONPASSIVE is now open to the world. Everything they have created has been built to last. The company is huge and has large followings in multiple countries already. They have agreements and partnerships in place with governments and corporations. Pretty soon people will see another giant has been born. Everyone will know their name.


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