O-Connect Short Product Review (Best Video Conference Tool)

Step up to O-Connect From ONPASSIVE

Get access to the most reliable audio visual conferencing platform ever! O-Connect is engineered to perfection with the best AI business tools.

It is a high definition audio conference tool that provides unmatched clarity. Enjoy a seamless, virtual connecting experience with multiple advantages.

Ease of use and special features

It features a highly detailed dashboard that any users can easily manage. It’s a breeze to track attendance and activities.

In-meeting chat options allow you to improve engagement with participants. You’ll also have unlimited participant addition.

Additionally, you’ll have many other features such as the following. Dual screen share, external link integration, easy invites plus much more. The tool simplifies your virtual collaborations.



The best video conferencing tool with the most innovative features.

O-Connect Short Product Review (Best Video Conference Tool)

Artificial Intelligence Driven Platform

AI Is infused in O-connect

O-connect takes full advantage of the latest high-tech from ONPASSIVE. It is driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The overall user experience is greatly enhanced and will continue to get even better with time.

All of this plus many innovations make this yet another Over Market Value product from ONPASSIVE (OMV).

What Does Over Market Value Product Mean?

This simply means this. It has more features, less limitations and is better in every way possible than anything remotely close in the same niche.

Key Features of O-Connect

Key Features of O-Connect


  • Auto language translation.
  • Send invites via email address.
  • Direct link to Youtube.
  • Integrated links to external URL.
  • Attractive chat emojis.
  • Unmatched ease of use.
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