(A Totally Automated Internet Solution)

We are ONPASSIVIANS (the name used for all the wise people who have joined the ONPASSIVE movement). Our website is here to share knowledge on the ONPASSIVE company, the products and our projects to lift up humanity.

How ONPASSIVE Works To Build Wealth For You (With AI)

(A Totally Automated Internet Solution)

Learn how ONPASSIVE Works To Build Wealth For You (With AI). It builds a marketing funnel for YOU selling the latest, superior, cutting edge digital products in billion dollar niches. It sends targeted traffic and you earn commissions as sales are made.

Who We Are (How To Have A Laptop Lifesyle)

ONPASSIVE Brand Ambassador

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How ONPASSIVE Works To Build Wealth For You (With AI)


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ONPASSIVE Ecosystem Introduction (Digital Solutions Platform)

ONPASSIVE Ecosystem Introduction

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ONPASSIVE Digital Solutions (Products)


Visualize the ONPASSIVE ECOSYSTEM as massive, completely A.I. managed and with EVERY POSSIBLE ONLINE TOOL OR SERVICE you could need. All of this conveniently in one place! Add in a unique and amazing compensation plan plus an automated system that continuously does all the work. Now you are getting the picture of the potential ONPASSIVE has to build your online business for you!


The ONPASSIVE Product Portfolios Offer So Much Value All In One Place. THIS IS THE KEY!

The Main Benefits At A Glance

You Can’t Compare The Value ONPASSIVE Gives


How ONPASSIVE Works To Make Money Online

How To Earn Online With ONPASSIVE

The ONPASSIVE products

Soon, ONPASSIVE will start selling more than 50+ digital products that they have developed (some are FREE). They will progressively roll these out over the coming months while continuing to build new ones. All of these products are in high demand, and are in multi billion dollar niches.

Customers already pay large amounts monthly for similar tools they must have to operate efficiently online. So for that reason we know the market is there to tap into if you have better products.

Why customers will choose ONPASSIVE products

ONPASSIVE tools and products will be superior in ease of use, feature rich and also they’ll be much cheaper. Subsequently, this will immediately cause a lot of interest and curiosity.

Over Market Value Products

All ONPASSIVE products will reach the Over Market Value (OMV) status before being released. This status or term  means better in every way so as to dominate the market.

Despite many other companies claiming to offer a lot, ONPASSIVE delivers more value by far than anyone. In contrast, no other company is even close.

Building the brand with massive marketing

Now, during the launch, there are massive marketing campaigns that will be underway. For example in the Dubai events seen recently and on the Burj Khalifa. Also, in the world cup, the audience saw ONPASSIVE everywhere as a partner with Bein Sports.

These campaigns introduce the world to ONPASSIVE, the products and all it has to offer. Primarily these all build up the brand. Everyone will soon know of ONPASSIVE and will have a reason to use their products.

ONPASSIVE will go viral

During the early global launch period, many more marketing campaigns will launch simultaneously. Once some campaigns complete, others will start. This will be continuous, will increase brand awareness and drive massive product sales. After seeing the marketing genius of CEO Ash Mufareh on the Burj Khalifa, we are keen to see more!

Earn Online With ONPASSIVE

Furthermore, this marketing will be a compounding process and of course ONPASSIVE will go viral. Most importantly, those who choose to get in early will be in a great position to benefit from the expected tidal wave of interest. As many join and see the great value in the products, sales will be made and commissions will be generated for those who choose to be resellers.

It’s a done deal

There are around 1.4 million founders already. The ONPASSIVE A.I. will build a daily funnel and send traffic to it for all of them. Think about what that will do in the search engines.

ONPASSIVE will be at the top of search results very quickly specifically from all of that activity. They will dominate for many keywords around their products. Therefore we can see the potential for enormous growth in the sales that are made. This will benefit ALL future customers and resellers too! This is all by design, make no mistake. 

We have arrived

It has been nearly five years for the company to get to this point. Naturally for some people, that seems like a long time. But when you understand what has been built, you can’t help but be excited. That’s why ‘it is a done deal’. You will be at a place where you won’t have to worry about your financial future. “If you are in, you will win’ as us Onpassivians (ONPASSIVE members) say. 

In conclusion

Finally, we know what is coming and how it will shake up the world. ONPASSIVE is already breaking many records with what it is doing. They now own two floors of the Burj Khalifa. The 151st floor is the highest office in the world! This is showing everyone where ONPASSIVE is starting from which is ‘The Top’.

They are a multi unicorn company before launch (valued at 5.5 billion dollars). The company is often described as A.I. with heart because it is built for the people. ONPASSIVE will enable so many of us to do a lot more to help others in need around the world. There is just so much here to learn about and like. I hope you decide to join us in this journey as we are part of making history.


How To Get Started In ONPASSIVE

How to get started in ONPASSIVE


NOTE: The information presented here is in no way intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead it is designed to give you an idea of what is possible. Success with ONPASSIVE can depend on the level of work, commitment, leadership, perserverance and many other variables. Even as ONPASSIVE endeavours to automate most aspects of your online business, there are many other factors that can ultimately determine your level of success.